Carpet Repair

Got a pet that urinates, chews and tears up your carpet on a regular basis? You are not alone if you do. All these are normal problems that Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repair handle on a regular basis. In fact, we love repairing carpet so much, we put it in our name! We fix carpet burns from curling irons, cigarettes, fireplace embers, clothing irons, hookahs, and, well you get the point. Sometimes dogs and cats are sent to the bedroom when company is over, and the little varmints dig a hole in the carpet at the doorway, trying to escape. Other times, they might sneak into the walk-in closet and accidentally get locked in there all day while their parents are at work. Either way, we don’t want you to panic, because the first thought most people has is they must replace the entire room of carpet. Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repair can repair the damaged carpet section with a matching leftover carpet remnant, or a donor piece from the back of a closet. Do you live in an apartment or rental home and are worried you won’t get your deposit back and will have to pay to replace the whole room of carpet, just for one torn up area? Don’t worry. We’re here to help. Chances are you wont have a leftover carpet remnant, and you certainly don’t want us cutting out a section from the closet. No biggie. Apartments use “builder grade” carpet, which is very easy to find. You can either Google carpet remnant stores near you, or take a piece of the carpet up to Lowes or Home Depot, and you are sure to find an excellent match. It should only cost about $20 depending on the size you need. Then we will work our magic!
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