Carpet Stretching

Louisville Carpet Dyeing & Repairuses the proper tools to get the job done professionally. This means using a power stretcher to re-stretch your carpet, and not just a knee kicker like most installers use. Most carpet is installed improperly, which results in buckling of the carpet over time, and hazardous carpet wrinkles. This service is popular for home owners looking to sell their home, and save a lot of money. Others may have had water damage issues, which require the carpet to be pulled back, and they just need it stretched and fastened to the tack strips. If you recently had your carpet installed, but notice it coming loose or rippling, check the warranty and have the company come back out and fix it for freeā€¦but demand that the technician use a power stretcher to ensure a proper carpet re-stretching. Or if you are simply tired of dealing with that company, you can always give us a call, and we will gleefully come out and re-stretch your carpet the correct way, using a power stretcher.
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