Is “Green” Cleaning Really a Thing?

It seems like more and more companies are jumping on the “Green” bandwagon everyday.  A few days ago, I saw a truck from a garage door company that was covered in advertising about how green they are.  I’m not really sure what makes a garage door green, but I guess I’ll take their word for it. I see green pest control companies, green mattress delivery trucks, green banks, green home security businesses and even green garbage trucks (which is a real head-scratcher if you ask me-- I’m not sure how stuffing a few metric tons of trash into a putrid landfill is good for the environment).  At some point, don’t you have to think some of these allegedly green businesses might be just a little disingenuous? I’m going to be candid here.  One of the worst offenders of the alleged green movement is the carpet cleaning industry.  You might see these slogans plastered on cleaning vans all around town: “Go Green!” “We Clean Green!” “Extreme Green!” Evidently, the overuse of exclamation marks is supposed to convince us how sincere all these carpet cleaning businesses are about saving the environment.  But the question is, how green are they really? I’m positive there are sincere companies who really do try to have the smallest possible impact on our environment (my company is one of them, actually).  However, most of us are driving fuel-hogging vans around the city, using reams of paper for office work, disposing of wastewater (in a responsible way, hopefully), and using chemical products to get your carpet clean.  Even if some of the chemicals we use are labeled as “Green”, they are still shipped around the country in smoke-belching diesel trucks, produced in large factories, and bottled in plastic containers.  In short, I just don’t feel right saying I have a “Green” company when there are so many things that are out of my control that are definitely NOT green. Now, please don’t take this to mean my company is out to destroy the planet.  In reality, I do everything in my power to operate in an environmentally friendly way.  When possible, I recycle our plastic containers.  I dispose of wastewater properly and legally.  I try to be as “paperless” as possible.  I even watch how I drive so I can keep my fuel economy where it should be. And, since I happen to be a skilled stain removal and carpet restoration expert, I am able to save hundreds of yards of carpet from being torn out and replaced every year.  You do know where carpet goes when it’s thrown away, right?  Yep, straight to the landfill, where carpet makes up four percent of all the contents inside.  So, in a way, I’m probably the greenest carpet cleaner in town because I keep at least a few tons of the stuff from ending up under the earth each and every year. Despite the fact that I keep tons of carpet out of the landfills, use safe, non-toxic chemicals, save on fuel and paper, recycle when possible and dispose of wastewater in a responsible way, I just don’t feel like misleading the public and claiming that my company is “Green”.  There are just too many things inherent to carpet cleaning that aren’t green enough for me to feel comfortable doing that. You are savvy enough to see through the hype and realize who is sincere and who is fake.  I think when you look closely enough, you’ll see that I am sincere, and that I run my business to be as green as possible-- and without misleading the public.  If you agree with that, why don’t you give me a call today?  I’d love to be your honest carpet repair and cleaning man.