Oriental Rug Dyeing

Protect the life and value of your fine rugs. Fine rug cleaning requires a controlled environment ideal for professional washing and drying and we provide both. Free pick-up and delivery is included. If you have an expensive family heirloom rug with faded colors from the sun or harsh chemicals, we can bring those colors back to life by adding the missing colors by using our proprietary ColorCue technology along with the world’s richest dyes. See the Gallery page for before and after pictures of real rug color restoration. If your fine area rug has loos or damaged fringes, we can repair that for you as well, conveniently at our RugSpa. We can also help with any binding issues that you may want to get taken care of as well. Since all rugs are washed and repaired and dyed by hand, we do ask that you allow at least a three-week minimum on this type of service. We have hundreds of beautiful Oriental and Persian rugs come in every year, but we will treat your rug with the utmost respect and care. We will take before, during, and after photos as a convenience, and have the in our files for you to access upon request.
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