Seam Repair

There are a few different reasons that carpet seams will open or become damaged. If the carpet is installed properly, you should have a seamless flow from one room to the next. If it is improperly installed, you will notice an obvious difference at the carpet seam. Sometimes water damages happen and the carpet will need to be cut at the doorway or any number of areas. The cut should always be clean by using a fresh carpet blade and a straight edge. This way, when it’s time to seam the carpet back together, you will still have a seamless look to the carpet. Sloppy or jagged cuts will most likely result in imperfect seams. Berber carpet is notorious for having loose snags that result in large runs in the carpet, usually when they go unnoticed and are run over by the vacuum cleaner. We get calls every single day of the week for seam repairs where the family pet has clawed up the carpet seam at the doorway, because they were closed in the bedroom or closet. Please feel free to browse our Gallery page for real before and after pictures of carpet seam repairs we performed right here in Louisville.
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