When “Going the Extra Mile” Actually Means Something

Fluff like this makes me sick: “We go the extra mile!” “We pride ourselves in delivering the best service!” “Our highly trained technicians utilize state of the art equipment!” Someone, please put me out of my misery. Every time I see a business use lines like these, I swear a little part of my soul dies. Consumers are looking for information to help them make a wise decision before they spend money. Stuff like this doesn’t help them at all. When every website in the world says “We bend over backwards for our customers! (or some lame variation thereof)”, how are you supposed to tell the difference between the winners and the losers? If you look hard enough--and this is true whether you’re searching for a plumber or an HVAC guy or an electrician--you’ll find companies that focus on you, the customer, instead of bragging about themselves. That’s how you’ll really tell the difference between the good guys and the blowhards. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say you land on a carpet cleaning website that says “We utilize state of the art truck mounted equipment!” Ick...gag me with a spoon. If I’m a potential customer who is looking to hire a carpet cleaner, that statement means nothing to me. In fact, it doesn’t even mention me. It’s merely a way for the business to brag about itself, and it’s obvious that the writer wasn’t thinking about me at all. Now let’s say you check out another website that says “Since your time and household routines are so important (possibly even hectic), we only use top-shelf equipment that lets us work fast so we can get out of your hair. Impeccable results and blistering fast dry times will get you back to normal in record time”. I just came up with that off the top of my head, so I’m sure it’s not perfect. Heck, it’s actually a little wordy, but you get the point. A company that makes a statement like that is subtly communicating that YOU are more important than their blasted carpet cleaning machine. Let me give you a real world case of “going the extra mile”. And yes, I’m about to brag about myself even though I just poo-pooed that idea a few paragraphs back. Hey, my blog, so I’m allowed to break the rules. A recent customer told me I didn’t have to move the couch in his TV room because it had sat there forever and it wouldn’t be dirty underneath. Besides, he told me, the thing must weigh half a ton (it’s one of those old sleeper sofas that was built like a tank). He also told me the house would be going on the market soon, and he would be moving all the furniture out in the next day or two. I had a gut feeling it would be a disaster zone under the couch. Which means there would be a giant dirty rectangle where it sat once he emptied out the room. And that wouldn’t look very nice during showings, would it? I nearly herniated myself, but I scooted the couch away from the wall and found coffee spills and lots of Knick knacks and other dust and debris. If I hadn’t cleaned underneath the sofa, potential buyers of this home would have seen it. However, since I have your interests first in my mind, I could not fathom leaving that sofa alone. I had to clean underneath Thanks for indulging me. I’ll hop off the soapbox now. I just thought it would be important to let you know how different things can be when a company truly cares about what you need. If that’s something that interests you, and you need carpet, upholstery, tile or rug cleaning, please give me a call today. I’d love the chance to focus on your needs.